In 2016 Marine Equipment Services BV and De Wit Workboats are extending their container sized, land/sea transportable Tomboy range of “small” multipurpose steel workboats by introducing a “bigger brother “, the Tomboy TH40 (Twin Hull 40ft) which is just as easily transportable while still maintaining the impeccable handling of its smaller predecessors.

Tomboy TH40 is easily transportable within three units of 40ft containers to any destination across the globe, due to its unique twin hull concept. By the use of the RCP Dovetail Couplings this workboat can be efficiently reassembled and put to work as soon it arrives at its destination.

Tomboy TH40 is currently under construction and available on the market later this year.

Main Features

The Tomboy TH40 is a multipurpose twin-screw workboat for supply duties, anchor handling, dredging support and maintenance.

General data

Length overall 12.20 [m]
Beam overall 4.80 [m]
Draft 1.00 [m]


Engine 2x John Deere 6068 TFM 75
Power 300 kW @ 2600 RPM  
Propellers Fixed pitch  
Shafting Stainless steel 1.4462  
Steering gear Powered hydraulic  


Speed 6 [kn]
Bollard pull 4 [t]

Tank capacities

Fuel 2x 5.0 [t]
Hydraulic tank 0.5 [t]


Hydraulic deck crane 3.5 [t] @ 1.82  [m]
Bilgepump system    


Capstan winch  Winch on deck crane  
Middle hull, to increas crane capacity  Towing bit  
Wooden deck protection  GPS  
Compass Pump jet propulsion  
Galley Sanitary space  

Sales information

The sales of Tomboy TH40 is handled by Marine Equipment Services b.v.

Marine Equipment Services b.v. operates in the field of supply, rental, renovation and construction of all occurring deck equipment, such as cranes, winches, fairleaders etc. We have in-house experience allowing for to advice and assistance for customers in designing mooring systems on pontoons and vessels.

Contact information:
Marine Equipment Services
Harpstraat 5
4241 CA   Arkel
The Netherlands

Phone:    +31 (0)183 50 20 52
Mobile:    +31 (0)6 532 66 524
Fax:    +31 (0)183 50 16 38
E-mail:    jvm [@]



Oil Pollution Recovery

The Tomboy TH40 is a new Dutch designed and built multipurpose, twin hulled, steel workboat that can be used for inland and sheltered waters. The installed crane and the wide clear deck space make the Tomboy TH40 suitable for a wide range of marine operations such as dredging support, pushing/towing, buoy handling, harbour operations, oil pollution recovery,

For oil pollution recovery the Tomboy TH40 can be equipped with Seahow Maxibagger for a cost efficient and quick response solution.